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SN | Once Again | SN SN | Once Again | SN

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Quite the energetic piece, with good effort put in. Excellent fade work in between sections. Love the use of reverse bass kicks. Some parts were either having too much gain in higher frequencies or clipping occurred, nonetheless the high saw synth went really well with the piece. At the end, I also relly enjoyed the use of an acoustic instrument. Also loops flawlessly :)

-Crusader Shield

SessileNomad responds:

i actually did not mean for this to loop so well, but listening as i respond i can hear the it sweeps down and up perfectly xD

yeah i spent about zero minutes on the EQ'ing for this track so i agree with the fucked up high frequencies

clipping was the shitty piano sample, cant be helped : \

thanks for the review, peace out

[dj-Jo] She (Aftermath Mix) [dj-Jo] She (Aftermath Mix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Time and effort shines in this piece

The initial build up in the beginning is nice, and I really love the lead synth you've used. I'm no synth craft master, but your leads and bass really hold the piece together for me.

It does get repetitive at parts with some occasional strange dissonant pitches, but the song is well paced with breaks and section changes. Also I'd like to point out some of the use of reverb gives an excellent sense of spatial awareness. (Especially 4:12).

After around 4:30, I can really feel the epic pads used and the piano trill for the build up.. Sends shivers of awe through me.

Don't know what this "Review Request Club" is, but sounds like something I'd like to join sometime :)

Excellent piece of work here.

-Crusader Shield